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Mechanical Rodeo Bull Hire - Gauteng

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Bucking Bull, Mechanical Bull or Rodeo Bull


Outdoors or indoors

It can be set up indoors or outdoors, with an operating space of 6 x 6m x 3m (h), and with a double door entrance of 2.1 m height meaning that a wet day doesn’t have to put a stop to your fun!

Mobile and for any event

We can provide the perfect Rodeo Bull (+/- 575kg) package for your event, complete with 2 operators and a adjustable speed control 7.5m (L) x 6m (W) x 80cm (H) Airbed, Extension Cord and blower.

Fast and Easy to set up

The rodeo bull is ideal for entertainment for parties, promotions, fun days and a event with a Wild West theme.
Mechanical Rodeo Bull Hire - Gauteng
Mechanical Rodeo Bull Hire - Gauteng
Mechanical Rodeo Bull Hire - Gauteng
Mechanical Rodeo Bull Hire - Gauteng
Mechanical Rodeo Bull Hire - Gauteng
Mechanical Rodeo Bull Hire - Gauteng
Mechanical Rodeo Bull Hire - Gauteng
Mechanical bulls were originally developed as training devices for rodeo riders as they remove the unpredictable nature of a live animal. Although they are sometimes still used for this purpose these days they are more commonly used as an amusement ride.
They can be hired for parties and social events and stationary models are frequently seen in bars, restaurants and clubs.
Does the thought of a mechanical rodeo bull leave you with images of broken bones? The modern mechanical bull is designed for safety. It isn’t set up on a hard floor, it’s tucked in the center of a soft inflatable. When you fall it’s like falling on a soft bed. Even your child’s imagination will soar as he rides the wild thing. He’ll have safe fun and have memories to last a lifetime.
The operator will determine that the mechanical bull is operating properly. He will give the rider instructions for riding the mechanical bull and he will provide a safe fun ride for the rider.
Mechanical bull rides are great for fairs, outdoor events, picnics, your company event, and anyplace where people gather.
They can be combined with inflatable games for an afternoon of outdoor fun.
They can also be placed inside for fun in any weather.

Please phone us for the BEST PRICE to suit your budget
Kobus 078 442 3499 WhatsApp 067 922 5457 / 011 660 7378

The Rodeo Bull is a must have at any event, party, teambuilding, bachelor & bachelorette parties, corporate & promotional events.

Price includes:

  • 2 x Operators
  • Adjustable speed control
  • 6.5m (L) x 6.5m (W) x 80cm (H) Airbed
  • Bull +/- 575kg and at least 1.2m (W)
  • Extension Cord
  • Blower fan
  • Setup

Price excludes:

  • VAT (not registered)
  • Accommodation/meals (operators)


MILEAGE WILL BE CALCULATED DEPENDING ON THE DISTANCE TO AND FROM THE VENUE Prices above apply for venues within 50km from Krugersdorp.

  • The Rodeo Bull can be hired for indoors or outdoors. The inflatable mattress takes up an area of 6.5m x 6.5m. If used indoors we require a height off at least 4.5m (floor to ceiling) and a double door entrance is required. (Where space permits)
  • Set-up on relatively open and easy assessable, flat and clean grass area away from trees, fire and braai’s. Under NO circumstances will the unit be set-up on dusty, muddy ground, sloped, uneven surfaces, or to be carried up or down a stair case – (Lift to be advised)
  • Where there is knowledge of illness or prior injury, disabilities or pregnant woman we recommend that the patrons get clearance from their physician prior to using the equipment
  • Should it start raining whilst the Rodeo Bull is operational, switch off the blower immediately and pack away all electrical accessories, fan, lead and CONTROL BOX and store in indoors
  • Do not operate in rain, windy or poor weather conditions
  • The blower fan is dangerous – do not allow children or pets near the blower fan
  • Ensure the inflatable/equipment is secured at all times
  • The maximum weight of +/-100kg – only ONE person allowed on the rodeo bull
  • No shoes, sharp objects, food, drinks and no smoking is allowed on the inflatable unit or Rodeo Bull
  • No jumping/bouncing is permitted from the Rodeo Bull onto the inflatable mattress or on the mattress itself
  • No one allowed on the inflatable matrass when the bull is in operation
  • Our Rodeo Bull is always supplied with an experienced ride operator who will run the ride on your behalf for the duration of the event. Because the speed of the bull is controlled at the discretion of the ride operator it is suitable for both kids (7 years and older) and adults. We also require that the rider is able to climb on the bull without any assistance
  • It is important to ensure that a reliable 220v 25Amp (normal wall socket plug) grounded FIXED electrical supply within 15m of the set-up area is provided; we do not take responsibility for any power failure. Due to the sensitivity of our control box, we cannot allow the use of a generator
  • THE HIRER undertakes to ensure that the electrical power supply is well earthed and the earth leakage is in full working condition. We will not be held responsible if the earth leakage is not fully operational
  • Please do not offer any alcohol to the operators
  • The operator on the day of the event has the right to stop and switch off the equipment at any time should he feel that the Safety of the Patrons, the operators are in Jeopardy or equipment is being damaged – or under the influence of alcohol
  • THE HIRER hereby acknowledges that it is necessary to have a responsible adult in attendance to supervise children at all times and undertakes to ensure strict compliance herewith simultaneously indemnifying Rodeo Rides against any claim that may be made arising out of any damage or injury sustained by any person utilizing the inflatable and motor
  • Although every effort is made to ensure the safety of the equipment, THE HIRER is responsible to notify users that the Rodeo Bull / inflatable is used entirely at their own risk
  • Any persons using the equipment agrees to indemnify and hold harmless RODEO RIDES and ASSOCIATES against any claims arising as a result of harm or loss, however caused, suffered by such persons when using the equipment
  • I undertake to comply with the instruction of the Company’s employees